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Thank you  
To Detective Stockard

Thank you for your Persistence and Caring Heart!! We need more men like you in our world. 

                  Family and Friends of Sandra

Thank you  
To Richard, Social worker with the Denton Police Department

Your words and kindness have meant SO MUCH to Friends and Family of Sandra. Thank you for meeting with her friends later in the day after the funeral services to help us deal with our feelings. It was exactly what we needed that day. We didn't know that the police department had a social  worker. You have called each of Sandra's friends and her Mother to check in on us in the first few months and also 1 year after. Sandra's Mother has called you her ANGEL during this difficult time.

                               Friends and Family of Sandra

Thank You  

To John, Lori and Dale from the District Attorney's Office, 

Thank you so much for your hardwork to ensure justice for Sandra.  We owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Family and Friends of Sandra

My friend Sandra  
I remember meeting Sandra at one of our residential homes when she was working as an assistant manager there. I was a behavior therapist and when I came in looking for the correct files or information, she always helped me find it or had it ready when I got there. Later, Sandra got a job as a Case Manager at Denton County MHMR Center on McKinney Street. My job closed and I was also given a job as a Case Manager at the same location.

Sandra was most helpful. I will always remember not only how much she helped me to learn the job, but how she would always make sure I was comfortable with the new job. She always told me that I would get the hang of it and if I had any questions or problems, that she would be glad to help me.

As time went by, Sandra became not only a wonderful friend, but she was like the sister I never had. We learned to poke fun at each other and joke around a lot. Sandra was almost always laughing. Her beady eyes and dimples would make everyone in the room laugh along with her.

Sandra was a born leader. If she were a color in the rainbow, I would have to say it is red because it represents power. Sandra had that. She would always use that power to benefit others (or for some new trick up her sleeve that she would get me with as often as she could). In fact, we had party once and dressed up as crayon. Sandra of course was the RED  crayon. 

Sandra was a wonderful light while she lived her life here on this earth. She is now even a greater light. The light she had was enough to flood so many of our lives and now her light shines through so many of us. It shines on her children that she loves so much and that love her. It shines through her friends whose lives will never be the same because of the joy of knowing her.

Sandra, even though you are separated from your physical body you walked here on earth, your spirit lives on within and around us. It is stronger now then every before. We love you but know that this is not the end, but simply the beginning of what waits for us all in the next life. I think about what out Lord said when he said, “I go to prepare a place for you. In my father’s house are many mansions and I go there so that you may go there also.” If you see some of my other friends or relatives up there, tell them of the great times we had while here together.

                                       With love and laughs
                                       Billy Kitchens 

My friend Sandra ----read at her funeral service 7/30/04  
Sandra was a wonderful friend and a real joy to be around. Sandra had a big personality and was the life of the party. People would naturally gravitate toward her She was mischievious and loved teasing people or playing a joke. There are a lot of funny stories to tell about Sandra.

There was a group of co-workers and friends that went to Six Flags this Spring. She fooled me into riding a scary ride at Six Flags. She knew that there were certain rides I was staying away from. I asked her what kind of ride was Runaway Mountain and she led me to believe that it was like a kiddie rollercoaster type ride. At the beginning I realized that it was going to be in the dark. As we are chugging upwards anticipating the first plunge. She leaned forward from the seat behind and said You better hold on tight Jackie. Of course she loved it that I was screaming through most of the ride. She was so pleased with herself that she had fooled me.

If she knew an embarrassing story about me, she would tease me relentlessly about it. And have the biggest smirk on her face

Yesterday, I heard that she told one of the co-workers. Hey Coffee boy get me some coffee.

Sandra would just be herself with no pretences. It was so easy to talk to Sandra about my problems because she would be so open about herself. She made me feel that it was okay to call her up and talk about a problem with her.

I was amazed about Sandra working a full time job, raising her 2 boys and being a caregiver to 2 other individuals. She had a lot of energy and I often wondered how she did it all. And that I would be so tired.

We shared an office and our desks faced each other. Even though she had more than enough on her plate at work, she would offer to help someone else who was overwhelmed. Sandra would readily show someone the ropes in their new job. Back when I had a car that was breaking down a lot, she would check in with me frequently to see if I needed a ride. It’s like she knew that I hated to ask for rides, she would say Are you going to need a ride? You better call me. 

Jackie Goodman

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